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Maggie Ryan

Author for Blushing Books. I write both contemporary erotica and historical spanking romances. I enjoy writing about characters that enjoy the provocative D/S lifestyle of today’s times as well as taking a step back into the past to write stories that take place in the Victorian era with age-play as a theme.

I live in the great Lone Star state with my wonderful husband. I have always loved reading. Growing up in a family with four children, it was difficult finding a place to be alone. I was probably one of the squeakiest clean girls on the planet as I would spend hours in the tub so I could read without being bothered. It wasn’t long before I began to make up my own endings to the books I was reading. From there, it just seemed natural to begin writing my own stories.

I never try to restrict myself to any one genre because there are just too many delicious possibilities out there and inside my head. I admit to being somewhat of a romantic though as my stories always must have a great deal of love, passion, corporal discipline and, of course, great, mind-blowing sex. I want my readers to be able to see, hear, feel and know the characters that I’m creating as well as I do when I bring them to life and transfer their stories to paper. I want my women to be strong of character but also strong enough to know that submission given in love and trust to your partner does not make you weaker, it makes you far stronger. I want my men to be sexy, strong, demanding alpha males who know how to take what they want while acknowledging it is a gift they have been blessed with by the women that have chosen to submit to them. I want there to be no doubt that they truly would die for the other no matter how others might view their relationship.

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Charming Isabella
Louisa Revealed: Women of Wintercrest Book 1
Lord Edward’s Law: Women of Wintercrest Book 2
Claimed: Women of Wintercrest Book 3
Lucy Surrenders: Women of Wintercrest Book 4
Summer Solace
Becoming His: The Teaching of Rebecca
Lucy’s Journey Home: Hunter’s Ridge Book 1
Homecoming: Hunter’s Ridge Book 2
Reunion: Hunter’s Ridge Book 3
Blessed Beginnings: Hunter’s Ridge 4
Designed for Submission: Divine Designs Book 1
A Submissive's Dream: Divine Designs Book 2
Treasured Submission
Haven’s Promise: Divine Designs Book 3
The Christmas Pickle
A Submissive’s Gift: Divine Designs Book 4
Rosie’s Resolutions (Masters of the Castle)
My Charming Valentine (Corbin’s Bend)
Miss Summers’ School: Lessons in Submission, Book One
Cherry’s Jubilee: Lessons in Submission, Book Two
Ever Lasting Hope (Corbin’s Bend)
An Author’s Angst (Corbin’s Bend)
Realizing Her Dream (w/ Laurel Jane)
His Passionate Pioneer
My Sassy Settler
A Little Sunshine (written w/ Abbie Adams)
Vintage Values (Corbin’s Bend)


Renee Rose

USA Today Best-Selling Author Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes BDSM and spanking romance novels. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won The Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance, and Spanking Romance Reviews' Best Historical, Best Erotic, Best Ageplay and favorite author. She's hit #1 on Amazon in the Erotic Paranormal and Sci-fi categories in the U.S. and U.K., is often found on the list of Amazon's Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams. 

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"If you like spanking romance that's not too crazy hard but not too icky soft, and has lots of nice, special touches, read Renee Rose." ~NYT & USA Today Best-Selling BDSM author Annabel Joseph

"I have yet to read a book by Renee Rose that I don't enjoy so much as to read it again and again." -- Bottoms Up Book Reviews

"If you are looking for a spanking romance you can lose yourself in and think fondly of for days after, look no further. This is a Renee Rose book and this author is very good at what she does." --Maren Smith, best-selling author of the Masters of the Castle Series

"If you're going to read spanking romance, Renee Rose writes it H-O-T." --Natasha Knight, Best-Selling BDSM Author

Other books by Renee Rose and Blushing Books:

The Reddington Scandal
Lady Meriwyn's Punishment
Safe in His Arms
The Westerfield Affair
The Devil of Whiskey Row
Lords and Ladies
The Knight's Prisoner
Pleasing the Colonel
Deathless Love
Courting Celia
Loving Lucia
The Outlaw’s Bride
The Professor’s Girl


 Stevie MacFarlane

Hi, I'm Stevie MacFarlane. I live in a small rural community in Upstate NY, and I have been writing off and on for about twenty years in my spare time, although there wasn't much of that with a husband, five children and an assortment of supposedly domesticated pets.

Over the course of my life I have been a waitress, social worker, cook, sewing machine operator and a fine die cutter. I swear I had no idea what I was doing, but apparently the ability to take a wire finer than a strand of hair, sharpen it and feed it through a wire die, was enough for them to keep me on. I also worked for a very short time in a meat packing plant where I got to stand in front of a machine that spit boxes of frozen chicken at me, that was fun!

Then there was the plastic plant I enjoyed for a spell. The heat and smell were bad enough, but the excess hot plastic needed to be pulled off the parts and put into a grinder. I believe they called this byproduct 'spew' or some such thing. I was not quite fast enough to separate the parts and still get the excess into the shredder, (picture Lucy in the chocolate factory) so I just tossed it behind me until they came to break me for lunch. By that time I had a mountain of twisted plastic taller than me! Needless to say, I just turned in my gear and went home.

So I must say that I enjoy what I'm doing now. Of course, being retired gives me more time to let the characters in my head entertain me and hopefully, you as well. I would love hearing from you at and thanks for stopping by.

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Amelia: The Marriage Market, Book One
Grace: The Marriage Market, Book Two
Effie: The Marriage Market, Book Three
Changing Her Mind
Little White Lies
The O’Malley Brides
The Not-So-Lucky Bridget O’Malley
The Perfectly Naughty Bride
A Sweet and Sassy Match, Sugar Babies, Inc. Book 1
Match Me if You Dare, Sugar Babies, Inc. Book 2
Matched for Keeps, Sugar Babies, Inc. Book 3
The Last Match, Sugar Babies, Inc. Book 4
The Trouble With Abby
A Timeless Woman


Sue Lyndon

USA TODAY bestselling author Sue Lyndon writes naughty spanking romances in a variety of genres, from contemporary to historical to fantasy. She's a #1 Amazon bestseller in multiple categories, including BDSM Erotica and Sci-Fi Erotica. She also writes non-bdsm sci-fi romance under the name Sue Mercury. When she's not busy working on her next book, you'll find her hanging out with her family, watching sci-fi movies, reading, or sneaking chocolate.

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Don’t miss these exciting titles by Sue Lyndon and Blushing Books!

Claiming His Human Wife
Report for Punishment
Taming Princess Anna
A Firm Husband, Wyoming Heat Book One
A Strict Husband, Wyoming Heat Book Two
Daman’s Ward, Jackson Settlement Book One
Shana's Guardian, Jackson Settlement Book Two
Rules of War, Rules of War Book One
Rules of Command, Rules of War Book Two

Coming to Terms

Confessions of a Spanking Author


Alta Hensley

Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling erotic romance author who has had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, erotic science fiction, humor, and historical. She writes the naughty... and then the cure for it.

Being a multi-published author in the Domestic Discipline genre, Alta is known for her alpha heroes, sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

You can find out more about Alta on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. You can also contact her at

Other Titles by Alta Hensley and Blushing Books

Traditional Love
Traditional Terms
Traditional Change
Poppa's Progeny
In the Palace of Lazar – Harem: Book One
Conquering Lazar – Harem: Book Two
Ruby Rose
Of Yesterday
Captured by Time (with Carolyn Faulkner)
The Slave Huntsman
Enrolling Little Etta (with Allison West)
The Nanny (with Allison West)
A New Forever (with Carolyn Faulkner)

Coming to Terms
Confessions of a Spanking Author


Lee Savino

Bestselling author Lee Savino intends to do something big and important with her life, but most days can’t keep track of her wallet or her phone so she just stays in bed and writes. She's super excited about partnering with Blushing Books to publish her erotic Westerns, and hopes you are enjoying the fictional town of Royal, Colorado as much as she is.

Check out her website to download a free novella or to say hi: She’d also love to hear from you; email to let her know your favorite Rocky Mountain hero or bride! :D

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Don’t miss these exciting titles by Lee Savino and Blushing Books!

Rocky Mountain Dawn
Rocky Mountain Bride
Rocky Mountain Rose
Rocky Mountain Romp
Rocky Mountain Rogue


Zoe Blake

#1 Best Selling Author in Victorian and Historical Erotica

We are all attracted to the forbidden. Addicted to the rush we get from reading something naughty...something kinky. We love to lose ourselves in the fantasy. The powerful lord who sweeps the lady away to his remote estate to ravish her. The cowboy who takes the sassy city girl over his knee to teach her a lesson. The devilishly charming pirate who seduces his beautiful captive. I write those erotic fantasies.

Don’t miss these exciting titles by Zoe Blake and Blushing Books!

The Submission of Little Emmie
Disciplining the Maid
Penelope’s Punishment
Chosen to be His Little Angeline
The Duke’s Possession
A Captive of Chance


Maren Smith

“Hi, I'm Maren. I'm 30, married to a wonderful, dominant man, and have five four–legged children: two dogs and three cats. I love strong, authoritative men–men who are both ready and willing to leave the lady of their choosing red–bottomed and weeping and for her own good. Writing has given me the wonderful freedom to explore my spanking side without feeling 'weird.' Even better, with the invention of the Internet, I can write what I love and know it will be appreciated by people with the same interests.”






Last Dance for Cadence, Corbin's Bend Book 8
How to Live Without a Man
Something Has to Give
Black Sheep
Daughter of the Strong
The Diva
The Great Prank
Jinxie’s Orchids
Katy Run Away
Kindred Spirits
Life After Rachel
The Locket
The Miner’s Wife
Morogh the Demon
Mountain Man
My Lady Robin Hood
The Next Ex
Saga: Constance’s Story
Spanking Tails I thru X
The Suffragettes
Varden’s Lady
Have Paddle, Will Travel

Masters of the Castle Series:
Holding Hannah (Book One)
Kaylee’s Keeper (Book Two)
Saving Sara (Book Three)
Sweet Sinclair (Book Four)
Chasing Chelsea (Book Five)
Owning O
Ana Adored: Mistress of the Castle (editor)

Box Sets:
With Hearts Aflame
Masters of the Castle
The Naughty List
Spanking Tails Vol. 1


Maddie Taylor

A lifelong reader, Maddie became a romance junkie as a teen with her first romance novel, The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss. From then on, she was hooked, and gobbled up everything she could get her hands on, whether contemporary, historical, paranormal or sci-fi. If there was romance to be found between a strong alpha male, and a sassy, adventurous and oftimes defiant yet loving woman Maddie was all over it. As an author, she stays true to those themes writing steamy erotic romance, with a side of kink, and adding elements of intrigue, danger and suspense to her plots.

Maddie started writing as a hobby. Her stories stayed private while she raised a family and worked full time as a registered nurse. It wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to take the plunge and submit her first book for publication: Captain My Captain. She found acceptance at Blushing Books and published an impressive twelve novels the first year.

She’s still juggling writing with her day job and you’ll find her working at her laptop into the wee hours of the night, scribbling plot ideas onto the notebook she always keeps handy, and working out the details of a scene while floating around in her pool with a lemon drop in hand. Don’t be surprised if you see her pulling over on the side of the road to capture an idea for a scene on paper, because as Maddie says, her best ideas always come when there isn’t a pen in a five-mile radius.

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Don’t miss these exciting titles by Maddie Taylor and Blushing Books!

Club Decadence Series
Faithfully, Prequel
Captain, My Captain, Book 1
You Said Forever, Book 2
Little Light of Mine, Book 3
Unbind My Heart, Book 4
Second Time Lucky, Book 5
What About Love, Book 6

Decadence L.A. Series
Master My Love

The Sons of Johnny Hastings
With Hearts Aflame: Valentine's Day Box Set
The Naughty List

Single Titles:
Surrender Your Grace
The Gift
Everything Christmas
The Juniper Bride

Decadent Nights Series:


Kate Richards

Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. She would gladly spend all her days in the mountains, but she’d miss the beach…and her very supportive husband’s commute would be three hundred miles. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT, spanking, or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy in one another, that counts.

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Goodreads Page



Livia Grant

Livia Grant lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons... one a teenager, the other a furry rescue dog named Max. She is blessed to have traveled extensively and as much as she loves to visit places around the globe, the Midwest and its changing seasons will always be home. Livia started writing when she felt like she finally had the life experience to write a riveting story that she hopes her readers won't be able to put down. Livia's fans appreciate her deep character driven plots, often rooted in an ensemble cast where the friendships are as important as the romance... well, almost. She writes one hell of an erotic romance.

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Don’t miss these exciting titles by Livia Grant and Blushing Books!

Wanting It All
Securing It All
Having it All
Protecting It All
Expecting It All
Life’s Unexpected Gifts (Corbin’s Bend, Season Two)
Psychology of Submission (Corbin’s Bend, Season Three)


Vanessa Vale

USA Today Bestselling author

When she's not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys, is figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker, and teaches a pretty mean karate class. She considers herself to be remarkably normal, exceedingly introverted and fairly vanilla, which does not explain her steamy stories and her fascination with cowboys, preferably more than one at a time.

She lives in the Wild Wild West where there's an endless source of 'research' material.

To learn more about Vanessa Vale:
Web site-
Follow her on Twitter: @iamvanessavale
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Don’t miss these exciting titles by Vanessa Vale and Blushing Books!

Claiming Catherine: Montana Maidens Book 1
Taming Tessa: Montana Maidens Book 2
Dominating Devney: Montana Maidens Book 3
Submitting Sarah: Montana Maidens Book 4
The Lawman: Montana Men Book 1
The Cowboy: Montana Men Book 2
The Cowboy: Montana Men Book 3
Western Widows


Tabitha Black

Tabitha Black has been writing erotic spanking fiction for over a decade, mostly in the ageplay and historical genres. More recently, she's discovered the joys of writing more contemporary, edgier books with a greater emphasis on BDSM.

Having lived in four countries on three different continents, and been an active participant in her local kinky communities, she likes to "write to discover what she knows". Her own personal kinks include anything and everything to do with spanking, fireplay, edge play, scarification, age-play, and too many more to count. Some girls like wood, some adore leather, but Tabitha is partial to big, shiny, ornate knives… nothing else makes her quite as weak at the knees.

Before she was writing and editing full-time, she has worked as a web copywriter, glamour model, and online chat host. Now she lives in Europe with her Daddy/Sir, and a lilac cat who likes to sneeze in her face. She has a weakness for great cappuccino; strong, dominant, kind but brutally sadistic men (and counts herself amazingly lucky to have found one in real life); brilliant books, and tattoos.

Tabitha loves getting mail, so if you want to drop her a line, please do so at You can also check out her blog here, follow her on Twitter @BlushingTabitha, or join her Facebook page. Thank you for reading!

Don't miss these other exciting books by Tabitha Black and Blushing Books!

Taken in Hand
Summer Camp
Little Tudor Rose
Educating Eva: Silverlake Priory Book One
The Abbeyville Way
Conquering Cassia
Fulfilling Her Fantasy (Masters of the Castle Novella)
Sharing Silver (Masters of the Castle)
Confessions of a Spanking Author (Anthology)


Abbie Adams

Abbie is a little girl at heart. She has always lived in a make-believe world, unwilling to share her fantasies with anyone for fear they would laugh at her, or worse, lock her up. She struggles with her desires to have a daddy who will keep her in line and yet baby her constantly. She writes to stay sane; this is her therapy.

Hiding her secret desires hasn't helped her, but sharing it with you, those of you who might also enjoy the same yearnings, well, that makes her happy. Come live inside Abbie's head if you dare.

Visit her blog here:

Don’t miss these exciting titles by Abbie Adams and Blushing Books!

A Little Training
A Little Trouble
A Little Twist (written w/ Emily Tilton)
Buying Brianny (Masters of the Castle)
A Little Sunshine (written w/ Maggie Ryan)
We Need a Little Christmas (written w/ Katherine Deane)


Dinah McLeod

My name is Dinah. I enjoy a CDD relationship with my husband Jim and freely admit to love all things spanking--reading about it, writing about it, daydreaming about get the idea! As long as I am not in trouble, that is! I hope you will enjoy my books, and feel free to let me know what you think!

Visit her blog here:

Don’t miss these exciting titles by Dinah McLeod and Blushing Books!

Detention with Professor Black
Love Heals
Love Hurts
The Errant Bride
Mona’s Second Chance
A Husband’s Duty
Answering to Him, Old-Fashioned Husbands Book One
Swept Off Her Feet, Swift Justice Book One
Sir, Yes Sir, Old-Fashioned Husbands Book Two
How I Spank My Wife
His Good Girl
Ghosts of Spankings Past
Back in Charge

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