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Now Available: Ruby Red by Maggie Ryan

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Hi!  I'd like to invite you to go back in time a bit and join the thousands of people who traveled west to strike it rich during the California Gold Rush. While you might not find a gold nugget, you will discover a wonderful world where gems truly shine and you won't even have to leave the comfort of your favorite chair!
Rescuing Ruby Red, the second book of The Red Petticoat Saloon series is out today. All Rebekah dreamed of is becoming one of Madame Jewel's Gems. Given the name 'Ruby' she never expected to tussle with Sheriff Jebidiah Justice, a man she's known since childhood who refuses to call her anything but Red. While Ruby covets those beautiful red petticoats worn by the gems, Jeb has something very special planned for her the moment he catches her wearing one. Join Ruby and Jeb in their quest for happiness and revisit Jewel and her gems as well as Gabriel and the ever loving Nettie.
If you missed the first book, Jewel's Gems, it is now available for a special sale price. Look for more books coming soon from sixteen USA Today and #1 Bestselling authors as they bring you more gems who are following their own dreams and the sexy men who work to win their hearts and warm their backsides.
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Maggie Ryan

Rescuing Ruby Red - by Maggie Ryan

From the moment Rebekah McTavish meets the beautiful, cultured Madame Jewel, she has but one dream. She wanted nothing more than to get a job at The Red Petticoat Saloon and don the coveted red petticoat worn by Jewel's gems. She discovers that getting hired is the easy part - who knew that Jewel's partner, has a tendency to frown upon gems who break the rules. 

Jebidiah Justice spent much of his youth avoiding the little red-head. Even his constant threats to tan her hide did nothing to sway the little pest to better behavior. Now, as the sheriff of Culpepper Cove, avoidance is no longer possible. On the night he catches her red-handed breaking and entering, he has to make a choice. Can he force himself to arrest the girl he remembers or will he lose his heart in rescuing the woman she's become? 

Rebekah becomes Ruby, the newest gem at the saloon, finding a home and a sense of family she craves. The only thing standing between her and her red petticoat is a man who refuses to call her anything but Red and warns her that if she puts so much as a pinky toe on those stairs, the only red thing under her skirts will be the hue he paints across her backside. And, this time, she had a feeling that he isn't just threatening. 

Will the two leave the past behind and make a future together or will their chance of happiness be taken away?


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Jewel's Gems - Now on sale for $2.99!

The Red Petticoat is not just another whorehouse. This is a place for every painted lady to get her happy ending. Madame Jewel and her 'gems' welcome hardworking men to come inside for a home-cooked meal or a few hands of cards. They are invited to listen to a pretty girl sing or watch a show. If a bit of intimate comfort is desired, they are welcome to go upstairs and into the arms of one of the beautiful women wearing the red petticoats. However, refer to its gems as whores and you'll find yourself tossed out into the street.
This story all begins when Lady Juliette Gardner discovers she has been set up and her reputation ruined. She decides to leave England for good and find her way to the goldfields of California with the hopes of creating her dream and possibly striking it rich.
To Gabriel Vasquez, the hard work and isolation of working his claim is the only way to achieve his dream. When he discovers his new partner is a woman, a very beautiful, very stubborn English woman, he has no problem - except for the fact that she refuses to think of her safety. If she is to be his partner, he will have no hesitation teaching her exactly what happens to naughty, cheeky English ladies.

Gabriel and Jewel will discover that life has room for more than one dream and as they settle themselves in Culpepper Cove. This mining town, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, will never be the same once Juliette-Madame Jewel-opens The Red Petticoat.
Join award winning author Maggie Ryan as she begins the tale of The Red Petticoat and all of Madame Jewel's precious-but slightly flawed-gems.
Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including anal play, and sex with multiple partners. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

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