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FREE Preview of Jewel's Gems Coming March 13th

Welcome to The Red Petticoat Saloon.

USA Today and #1 Best-selling Authors bring you The Red Petticoat Saloon.

The Red Petticoat is not just another whorehouse. This is a place for every painted lady to get her happy ending. Madame Jewel and her 'gems' welcome hardworking men to come inside for a home-cooked meal or a few hands of cards. They are invited to listen to a pretty girl sing or watch a show. If a bit of intimate comfort is desired, they are welcome to go upstairs and into the arms of one of the beautiful women wearing the red petticoats. However, refer to its gems as whores and you'll find yourself tossed out into the street.

Join these talented authors as they weave the tales of The Red Petticoat and all of Madame Jewel's precious—but slightly flawed—gems.

Jewel's Gems
(The Red Petticoat Saloon Book 1)
by Maggie Ryan

#1 Best-selling Historical Western author Maggie Ryan brings you the first book in The Red Petticoat series.

The Red Petticoat is not just another whorehouse. This is a place for every painted lady to get her happy ending. Madame Jewel and her 'gems' welcome hardworking men to come inside for a home-cooked meal or a few hands of cards. They are invited to listen to a pretty girl sing or watch a show. If a bit of intimate comfort is desired, they are welcome to go upstairs and into the arms of one of the beautiful women wearing the red petticoats. However, refer to its gems as whores and you'll find yourself tossed out into the street.

This story all begins when Lady Juliette Gladstone discovers she has been set up and her reputation ruined. She decides to leave England for good and find her way to the gold- fields of California with the hopes of creating her dream and possibly striking it rich.

To Gabriel Vasquez, the hard work and isolation of working his claim is the only way to achieve his dream. When he discovers his new partner is a woman, a very beautiful very stubborn English woman, he has no problem except for the fact that she refuses to think of her safety. If she is to be his partner, he would have no problem teaching her exactly what happened to naughty, cheeky English ladies.

Gabriel and Jewel will discover that life had room for more than one dream and find themselves in Culpepper Cove. This mining town, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, will never be the same once Juliette—Madame Jewel—opens The Red Petticoat.

Join award winning author Maggie Ryan as she begins the tale of The Red Petticoat and all of Madame Jewel's precious—but slightly flawed—gems.

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.    

Chapter One

“He’s waiting for you in the back parlor.”

Juliette looked behind her and then back at the young woman. Why would this woman who had never hidden her hatred of Juliette be speaking to her? “I’m not sure who...”

“We both know exactly who I’m speaking about. He said it’s quite urgent that he speak to you.”

“But the party...”

Again not allowing her to complete a sentence, the woman looked over her shoulder as if assuring their conversation was private. “Don’t worry. I’ll cover for you. Now, go, he’s waiting.” Hurrying down the hall and through the house, Juliette felt her heart rate increase. Of course—he’d want to speak to her in private before addressing the rest of the guests. This was what she’d been waiting for. She’d barely knocked on the door before it was opened and she was pulled inside. With a gasp, she stumbled but his arms wrapped around her, steadying her before setting her a bit away from him. Smiling, she lifted her face, expecting a kiss and instead finding

a look on his face that she couldn’t quite decipher.
“We shouldn’t be alone,” Juliette whispered and yet didn’t attempt to pull out of his hold.

“Belinda said you needed to speak to me so she knows we are together. I don’t trust her not to tell others. What did you need...”

“You,” Malcolm Doulworth said. “God, you make me forget anything but the fact that I must have you. Who can blame me when I need you so?”

It was all she had to hear to have her melting against him; the kiss she’d expected finally given. A crackling fire provided both warmth and illumination. Light was reflected in the golden liquid she saw filling two flutes on a marble topped end table. Her excitement grew at the sight of a small, ornate box sitting between them. His preparations told her that tonight was to be the night when the need to keep secrets ended. Lifting her chin to gaze up at him, she smiled a moment before his mouth took hers in a kiss that had her nerves zinging. Her moan of desire had him thrusting his tongue between her lips to sweep inside as if eager to taste the very sounds of her pleasure.

“Malcolm, I love you,” she said as he pulled away, leaving her breathless. When he pulled her towards the settee, she began to tremble with anticipation. When he seemed to hesitate, she almost giggled thinking he had no reason to worry about her response. The glasses of champagne promised a refreshing toast after she gave him her answer to the question she’d been waiting to be asked. Her stifled giggle became a gasp of surprise when instead of dropping to his knees, he sat and pulled her across them. “Oh...”

“You know this is how we’ve always begun,” he said, his hands already busy pulling the heavy velvet fabric of her skirt and her many petticoats up to her waist.

“But the champagne, shouldn’t we first...”

Ignoring her question, he patted her bottom. “Naughty girls don’t get to sip bubbly. Naughty girls who slip away with men deserve something quite different, don’t they?”

“But you called for me. I thought...” Her thoughts flew from her head as she felt the bow of the ribbon around her waist being undone and her drawers being tugged down to bare her backside. Despite her position, she felt her body instantly responding as his hand moved to rub across the plump naked globes of her bottom.

“Naughty girls deserve to have their pretty little bums spanked.” He bent and pressed his lips against her ear; his warm breath wafting with his words causing her to quiver. “As you said,

there are others near. All the guests might be wondering where you are. Unless you wish them to hear your cries, I suggest you use the pillow. I’m going to make sure your arse is very hot and cherry red as you pay the penance for the naughty pleasures we shall enjoy one last time.”

Last time? Confusion swept through her until she remembered the box. Ah, yes, the next time we meet, we’ll be engaged. A little naughtiness will be overlooked and easily forgiven once his ring is on my finger and a date has been set. Accepting the pillow he offered, she barely had time to bury her face into the bouquet of posies depicted in beautifully executed needlepoint before his hand connected with a sharp slap to her flesh.

Splat... splat... splat... splat... splat...

The swats were given slowly as if to allow her to feel every one as he heated her bottom. Not truly hard enough to hurt, his desire for her to have a hot bum was quickly becoming a reality as he continued and covered the same spots he’d just spanked with another round.

Splat... splat... splat... splat... splat...

She couldn’t help but cry out, the pillow muffling her sounds as her hips began to churn when he changed the position of his hand. For this round, each stroke was given with an upward motion, the force causing her to squeal and her flesh to jostle. “I adore watching your bottom bounce about as I turn it from pink to red.”

Splat... splat... splat... splat... splat...

The first time he’d taken her, the night she’d given herself to him, he’d spanked her until she’d sobbed and yet had felt as if the punishment was just and very much deserved. What they were doing was a sin according to the laws of God and society. Decent women—ladies—did not sneak away with men. They did not allow those men to touch them in ways that had them burning for more. A good girl did not spread her legs or wrap them around a man’s waist as he drove hard into her body. Proper women lay beneath only their husband and even then, most simply tolerated the act as they considered it their wifely duty to give that man an heir and a spare. They most certainly weren’t supposed to actually enjoy the act, to crave a man’s touch or to cry at the words of love uttered in the throes of passion. So yes, if anyone deserved a spanking, she knew it was she. Lady Juliette Christina Marie Gardner had become a very naughty girl indeed.

Splat... splat... splat... splat... splat...

“Oh, sir,” she moaned as the blows quickened, his hand covering every inch of her skin until she could no longer remain in place. Her feet kicked and her arms waved as if attempting to swim off his lap.

Splat... splat... splat... splat... splat...

“Please, ow! Ah, that’s enough. I—I need...”

“Not yet, you know I so enjoy spanking you. I won’t allow you to deny me the pleasure. What I need is to give you a spanking neither of us will ever forget.” His hold tightened around her waist after he’d repositioned her to hang over one knee, his free leg moving to trap both of hers. “You are such a wanton little lady, aren’t you?” Rubbing his hand across her burning bottom, he bent to kiss the very sensitive spot behind her ear, causing her to break out in gooseflesh as he murmured, “How I will miss this. I adore having you squirming over my lap knowing you deserve each and every stroke for being such a little slut.”

Her heart stuttered at the crude word, her shame growing as she buried her face and cried out into the pillow as the blows began again, lightning fast and harder than before. This was unlike any previous spanking both in its length and intensity. As the pillow dampened with tears she could no longer withhold, her thighs dampened with her arousal. He’d explained that she was

a special woman who enjoyed being dominated, one whose pleasure increased when combined with a bit of pain. It made no sense to her and yet she couldn’t deny the veracity of his words as her body began to tighten like a clock spring.

Splat... splat... splat... splat... splat...

The leg trapping hers was lifted and her drawers were pulled off and tossed aside. “Spread your legs for me,” he ordered and she instantly obeyed, opening herself to what she prayed would be her reward for properly paying his required penance for her sins. “You are such a good girl and yet this glistening I see between your lovely thighs says otherwise.” She gasped as she felt his hand move from her buttock to cup her sex, knowing exactly what he’d discover.

“Oh my—tell me, what sort of girl protests paying her penance and yet is leaking onto my hand?”

“A-a naughty girl, sir. A naughty girl who loves...”

“Yes, a very naughty girl indeed,” he interrupted, giving the pouch of her sex a squeeze. “You are so very, very wet aren’t you?”

She could feel her cheeks heat knowing she should be so very ashamed but as his fingers easily spread the lips of her labia apart, she could summon no guilt as she answered honestly, “Yes, I’m... oh, God...” she paused to give a sharp cry as his fingers plunged into her quim, her cream making the entry effortless as he filled her.

“Yes, what?” he teased, swatting her bottom with one hand while frigging her with the other.

“Yes, sir, I’m wet!”

“And what does that mean?” he asked, withdrawing his fingers to run them across the bud of her clitoris, causing her back to arch.

“I’m-I’m ready for... for you,” she gasped, her hips bucking as her body coiled tighter and tighter seeking the release she craved.

“Ready for me to do what?”

What little decorum she had remaining fled as she felt his fingers tightening around the slippery bud, giving it a pinch that had her wishing both to pull away and push into his hand. “Take me!” she moaned, “Please, take me... and let me come.”

“No!” His tone had her head turning back to look at him and saw his expression mirrored the one she’d seen earlier. Her stomach clenched as she realized he looked as if he were struggling with something; almost as if he were torn. Before she could question him, he continued. “Not take... “

“Malcolm, what...”

“Fuck. What I’m going to do is fuck you until you scream.” Flipping her over, he sat her on his lap. Any question she was attempting to ask was squelched when his lips crushed hers. Juliette moaned as he pushed his hands into the neckline of her gown. With a few tugs, he pulled her breasts free of the confines of her bodice, bending his head to lash his tongue across her nipples.

“Oh, yes,” she cried, arching her back to offer her breasts to him. His suckling was both painful and pleasurable as he moved from one turgid bud to another, licking and biting until she was squirming, the ache of her tender bottom adding to her desperation for release. Her lover’s need was just as evident with the press of his erection against her hip. She smiled when it was his moan filling the air as she began to stroke her hand against the fall of his pants.

“Anxious are we?” he teased, giving her bottom another swat as he guided her off his lap. Within moments, she was bent over the arm of the settee, her skirts and petticoats pushed up to

hang over her head, his hands gripping her hips. “Wider, spread your legs and show me your naughty, needy little cunt.”

Whimpering, she obeyed, spreading her feet apart and pushing her pelvis up. “God, you are dripping,” he informed her unnecessarily as she could feel her cream oozing from her body.

“Malcolm, please... ow!”
“Sir,” he reminded her, giving her another swat to drive his point home.
“I’m sorry, sir,” she said, “I just need you inside me. I need to come!”
“I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a woman offering herself for a good

hard fucking as she begs to come. God, this is the moment when even a pauper feels like he is a king. If only...” When he paused, she shook her head to toss back the concealing fabric, looking over her shoulder.

“You are my king.”
“You deserve so much more than I can offer...”
“That’s not true,” she said, her body thrumming with desire. “You are all I could ever

want and I’m yours to command, your highness. I’m begging you for mercy. Take me, sire.” A flurry of hard swats to the backs of her thighs surprised her and yet had her remembering his earlier statement. Flushing with the guilt over another sin she could add to the list, she corrected herself, speaking the vulgar words he seemed to wish to hear. “I mean, fu-fuck me, sire. God, please fuck me now!”

Her next cry was loud as he plunged into her in one thrust, burying himself deep. “Yes, oh, God, yes. Harder, please, harder!”

“Your wish is my command,” he stated, withdrawing only to ram inside her, his pelvis slapping against her tender bottom. “I love hearing you beg; I love hearing your cries when I’m blistering your arse or listen to you squeal when you spend.” His fingers resumed stroking and pinching her clitoris until she was using the pillow to stifle her screams of pleasure as she exploded.

“That’s a good girl, come again. Come hard for the one who wishes he could truly be your king.” He continued to pound into her as his hands reached around to caress her breasts before finding her nipples; pinching, twisting and pulling until she was writhing and convulsing, shrieking his name as she fell once more into the abyss. With her final spasm, she whimpered as he pulled from her.

“Please, just this once, stay...”

“You know better.” She felt him rolling her petticoats and skirt and then tucking them into the sash of her dress, assuring her bottom would remain bare. “On your hands and knees and push that naughty red ass out. I love seeing my handiwork as you suckle.”

Sinking to all fours, she lifted her head and opened her mouth to accept the slick cock he presented to her lips. Just as they started every tryst with a spanking, they ended with her accepting his seed down her throat. The first time he’d pushed her to her knees and she’d understood what he intended, she’d been shocked and a bit revolted at the sheen of her cream coating his cock. Her protest that it had to be vulgar and most certainly taboo had earned her nothing but his chuckle and his statement that she didn’t protest when he buried his mouth between her legs. Her stomach had flipped when he smacked his lips, promising her cream tasted like the sweetest nectar on earth. Though she doubted his promise, she couldn’t doubt his statement. His lips, teeth and tongue were enough to drive her almost insane as he’d coax explosion after explosion from her and then fuck her until she came a final time. How could she deny him the same pleasure?

As he taught her how to pleasure him orally, he’d said that his use of her mouth and throat were for her benefit as well. He’d gone on to explain that he had no wish to get her with child. Understanding that he was stating their children would not have their legitimacy questioned, she’d accepted the necessity as well as the seed he’d pour down her throat. Hearing his roar of ecstasy always made her feel proud that she’d been able to bring him to such pleasure.

“Yes, oh God, you are incredible. I wish I could keep you before me on your knees forever.” The words were spoken in a hoarse whisper as fingers tightened in her hair.

Juliette fought to catch a breath around the cock in her mouth. Her tongue swiped along the hard shaft, her throat being forced to accommodate the mushroom shaped head as he pushed further. She dismissed the discomfort; this was for his pleasure and he’d taught her that she could take all of what he gave her. A second hand joined his other, this one pressing against the back of her head to guide her down his impressive length as she continued to suckle him. She’d never imagined herself on all fours, her breasts swaying beneath her, her red bottom pushed well out, her cream dripping down her thighs from her explosion and yet she wanted to assure him she’d drop to her knees any time he desired.

“That’s it, open your throat and take me deeper. Show me how much you worship me, you naughty little tart. All the way. Swallow my cock and every drop I give you.” His instructions, so lewdly stated, had her cheeks heating with shame and her loins twitching with lust.

Feeling his cock stiffening even more, she knew he must be close to his culmination. Gasping for air as he allowed her to ease away, she relinquished all control. “Yes, God, yes!” he moaned as she took him as deeply as she could. He pressed her forward, his hands, now both fisted in her hair, keeping her in place as he drove into her mouth, his testicles slapping against her chin.

“What the fuck! Belinda!” he growled, abruptly pulling from Juliette’s mouth, his seed spurting not down her throat but splashing against her lips and cheeks, splattering her exposed breasts.

Belinda? Why is he calling that woman’s name? Confusion flooded her as he shouted, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Juliette’s head whipped around to see Belinda walking towards them, a look of disgust on her face. “Perhaps you didn’t understand, Malcolm. You were to tell your little whore that you won’t be using her services any longer, not giving her a last... wait, perhaps this is best. Yes, I suppose I can be a bit magnanimous. What better way to end your affair than to give the poor girl a last taste?”

“Malcolm... what...” Juliette stuttered, kneeling up. Dropping her eyes, she saw her breasts on prominent display, her nipples dark and swollen; slick from Malcolm’s avid suckling and her own drool from his use of her mouth. It was with even greater shame that she realized the droplets that dotted her skin were evidence of his release. “Oh, God,” she whimpered. Turning away, she shoved herself back into her dress, swiping her fingers across her cheeks to remove both the tears that were sliding down them as well as the seed that covered her cheeks and chin.

“Forgive me,” he whispered so low she was unsure she’d heard them.
“I-I don’t understand.”
“I can explain...”
Belinda shook her head and waved her hand. “Before you do, I suggest you put that

repulsive thing away before...”

Sounds of voices had Malcolm hurriedly tucking his flaccid cock into his pants, just managing to button his fall and step back before another voice boomed.

“I know I saw her come this way. You know how young lovers are, always slipping away. Ah, here they...” A second of stunned silence preceded his next words. “What in God’s name is going on here?”

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